How to become a dancer: wikiHOW

When pondering upon what to write about this week, I thought I would see what some other sites had to say about dance and I came upon this site. wikiHOW gives an explanation on how to become a dancer… When going through this site which is essentially telling people how to become professional, I was surprised to find a lot of accurate facts. However, they give you steps and I don’t agree with the order that they say how to do things.

  1. Make sure that this is what you really want to do. It takes a lot of passion to dance, whether you dance just as a hobby, or if you want to someday be a professional. If you want to become a professional, you may have to cut out other sports and after school activities to put in the necessary hours of practice. Remember that dance in itself is a sport and it takes a lot of endurance to dance every day.
  2. Decide what kind of dancing you would enjoy doing. Whether it be ballet, disco, tap, jazz, swing, hiphop, breakdance, pointe, modern, or bellydancing. Just be sure to choose one that suits your style.
  3. Seek guidance. Watch music videos and watch people’s moves, buy dancing lessons on a video, read dancing instructions in books and on the internet, find a tutor, get tips from friends/professionals, etc.
  4. Experiment. Stand in front of a full-length mirror, turn up the tunes, and move your body! Practice different moves on different parts of the body. Be sure that each move transitions nicely into the next.
  5. Find a dance school. Dance schools can range from a local youth centre to a more intense independent school. If you are planning on dancing throughout high school and college into professional dance you will want to pick a more intense school. Talk to other dancers in your area as well as the teachers of each school to pick the best one for you.

I find this to be quite hilarious. I started dancing because I saw my sister taking a class and knew that I wanted to be out in the studio too. I think it’s ridiculous that sites like these exist because they are basically false hope. It is nearly impossible to randomly start dancing by following these steps and make it big. The intro to the article says that dance is hard work and takes a lot of practice, but it is more than that. You have to have the passion and the drive from within to pursue this as a career. It isn’t easy being denied over and over again, audition after audition.

10. Sign up for a dancing competition. Now that you have learned and put your new skills in front of your peers, it’s time to step it up a notch! Whether you win or lose, your always a winner for putting in the time and effort to accomplish your dreams!

Hmmmmm… this is interesting. For one thing, I don’t think that going to dance competitions will help you in the long run. No company director is going to care whether you got first place overall in Starstruck dance competition 1998. That doesn’t say anything about who you are as a dancer. Yes, dance competitions are fun as a kid, but the training is what matters most. If you go to a competition studio where you are learning a lot and are taking solid technique classes as well as learning competition dances, then that’s fine, but to just dance to compete is ridiculous. Plus nothing is as easy as following 9 steps and then going straight to trying to win a competition in anything you are learning. It’s like saying that I could follow steps to becoming a professional basketball player and then play against the women in the WNBA.

I just felt that I needed to express my frustrations with people who think they can explain how to become a dancer, because it is so much more than the 15 steps expressed in this article.


2 Responses to “How to become a dancer: wikiHOW”

  1. December 8, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    I found this very interesting as well, and I really liked what you had to say about this website. I’ve dealt with the same thing through volleyball, some people take those steps as a route to becoming a superstar athlete when really, the steps are not exactly how you get to be a great player. I agree that dancing is much more than that, and basically anything that people want to do is more than what the average person says it is. But way to put it into perspective!

  2. December 9, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    haha.. wow, the nerve of some people. Thank you for bringing this up. I absolutely know what you’re talking about and some people just need to leave those things alone.

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